In the beginning,
We were without form, and void.
But the Spirit hovered over the face of the waters.
Then the separation, dark from light.
The Evening and the Morning.
The First Day.
And it was good.

Waters below, the expanse above.
The formation of the firmament.
The first Hope of Heaven.
Evening and Morning.
The Second Day.
And it was good.

The gathering of the waters
And the gathering of the earth,
The birth of that eternal push and pull,
Of soft lapping of seas on grateful shores
and the crashing of waves on stone.
The seed is planted in fertile soil.
The germination, the unseen white quivering life
Pushing through the dirt and unfurling verdant leaves.
The first blossom, tremulous, on the branch blooming,
spreading open pink petals, beckoning.
And then the kiss of golden pollen,
The sudden swelling,
The fullness of life, sweet fruit, after its kind.
The Evening and the Morning.
The Third Day.
And it was good.

And then the lights in the expanse of the heavens,
Sudden, startled starlight,
Signs of the seasons and for days and years,
A subtle, shifting constancy of constellations,
And any lost soul needs only to look up, and will be found.
The Evening and the Morning.
The Fourth Day.
And it was good.

Now the seas teem with swarms of life,
Silvery, darting, schooling fish, soft fleshed phylum, brittle coral, great blue whales.
Birds of the air, and the first scattering of song across green hills.
An explosion in the skies of beating wings,
And the mournful hearkening cry for mates.
The Evening and the Morning.
The Fifth Day.
And it was good.

Then every creeping, crawling, breathing thing,
The cattle lowing, lion and lamb, the furrowing sow.
And the Lord God gathered the dry dust and formed,
In His Own Image, man, up from the dust.
Breathed life into his nostrils, and man became a living being.
And He lead the man, in wonder, to a garden.
To cultivate, to keep, and to name.
But He saw that man was Alone.
It is not good that man should be Alone.
And so, in His mercy, He caused a deep sleep to come over the man,
so that he might not feel the ache,
and lifted from his chest, from the cage around his beating heart,
the single, white rib.
And from this rib he formed her,
In His Own Image,
Male and Female He created them,
and brought her to the man, and called him out of sleep.
And when man awoke, and saw her form, he named her.

Flesh of my Flesh
Blood of my Blood
Bone of my Bone
My Own.

The Evening and the Morning.
The Sixth Day.
And it was good,
Great God,
You are Good.